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 The Vineyard

The vineyard is situated about 8 km west of Lake Nagambie on the west bank of the Goulburn River, between the Wattlevale Road and the river's edge. It is the site of one of the oldest original vineyards in the area.

Vines replanted in 1993 now show the more intense flavours that come with maturity. They are hand pruned to low yeilds, and hand harvested.

The vineyard is organic (certified by NASAA) and operated on biodynamic principles.


The soil at Goulburn Terrace is unusual for the area. It combines the very old with the very new. Close to the water are deposits of alluvial clay laid down by the Goulburn River over the past ten thousand years - very recent in geological time! Away from the river, where the Cabernet Sauvignon is planted, the soil contains a large proportion of gravel. This comes from the 400 million year old Devonian rocks which form the hills behind the vineyard.


Our north-of-the-divide climate gives clear skies and low summer rainfall, and the nearby water moderates the summer heat to ensure a long, slow but complete ripeniing of the fruit.


We keep production volumes low, and concentrate on quality. The winery is geared to smaller batches, which allows experimentation and diversity. Some fermentations use wild yeasts, the reds are hand-plunged, and everything is basket pressed.

Elegance, palate weight, length, structure, complexity and balance are key elements of our traditional style. We try to make wines that are interesting, individual, and good companions to food.

Cellar Door

Our Cellar Door in Nagambie is open by appointment (email or phone 03 5794 2828), or on special Cellar Door days which are advised via our mailing list. Join up, and we'll keep you informed.

Greta Moon and Mike Boudry